Corona myths - 5G spreads Corona...

There are many myths about the new Corona virus. Some of them are so obscure that they would be great April’s fool joke but they are clearly wrong. Who would believe this nonsense? Well, obviously enough people, that the WHO felt they have to correct them.

This post is really short. And even when at first glance it does not seem to be related to networking, it is! The WHO - the World Health Organization - has issued quite a number of responses to various Corona-related myths. Some, you could even imagine, are believable enough to capture the attention of people. Thankfully, there is the WHO, which corrects these potentially dangerous false claims. There is one myth in the extensive catalogue of myths that stood out (so I thought):


Seriously? WOW. Thank you dear WHO for busting these myths! The full list of myths can be found here.

Rolf Winter
Rolf Winter
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