Happy birthday RFC series

Exactly 52 years ago RFC 1 was published. This calls for a celebration, but not only because the Internet that is largely defined in those documents is a huge success but the standardization process itself is very successful, too.

The internet plays a vital role in many aspects of our daily lives. It is based on many protocols that steer and control its functions. These protocols in turn are published as part of the RFC series. RFCs are openly available documents, free of charge, that specify internet protocols in great detail. But not just the RFCs, which often are the result of many years of work are open, but also the process that leads to them is. Everybody can take part in the standardization process. This openness is certainly one of the reasons why the internet is such a success.

Of course once in a while an interested novice will find its way into this process and will make suggestions that do not make any sense, because clearly they do not know what they are talking about. But a process without memberships and fees will make sure that bright people without a budget can contribute without having to follow anybody’s agenda.

The OpenStand movement has formulated principles of open standardization and not just the IETF but also the W3C have pledged to follow them. Thanks:

Open Stand Prinzipien

Rolf Winter
Rolf Winter
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