Modeling the Internet Routing Topology - In Less than 24h


In this paper, we outline a fast approach to build a model of the Internet’s AS-level routing topology. More important than the construction process itself is the detailed analysis of the model’s accuracy by com- paring it against a vast amount of routing table data. This analysis allows researchers to evaluate whether the model itself is accurate enough for their own eval- uation purposes, i.e. how well it reflects today’s routing topology, information most models to date lack. We further utilize the modeling process to eva- luate today’s routing topology’s quality using the AS path length as a metric. With the modeling process automated, we perform this analysis and produce a new model once a month and make it available online. This continuous monitoring of the Internet’s routing topology will not only provide us with constant updates on the Internet’s current state but will over time give us a better understanding of the Internet routing sys- tem’s evolution.

2009 ACM/IEEE/SCS 23rd Workshop on Principles of Advanced and Distributed Simulation