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  • Congratulations: Dr. Michael Faath

    Dr. Michael Faath In April 2013, Michael joined the Networking Group as a PhD student. The research project he was hired for already ended in 2015. He stayed on board, working on his dissertation, co-founded a start-up and just before Christmas, to be exact on the 22nd, he had his PhD defense in Berlin. We at the group all firmly believe this is only an intermediate step towards even greater accomplishments, but for now:

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  • Best Paper Award for our Broadcast/Multicast Analysis

    award We have written before about our broadcast/multicast analysis and the experiments we conducted on operational networks including the IETF meeting network during the 94th IETF meeting in Yokohama. We wanted to know what privacy issues arise given the increased popularity of broadcast- and multicast-based application-layer protocols for things like service discovery. The result of this analysis can be found in our paper, which was presented at the TRAC workshop in Cyprus. For this work, we had to go through a lot of trouble because the data collection was a very sensitive issue which caused a substantial number of Emails on the IETF meeting mailing list and we consulted with a larger number of lawyers over the course of many months. We are therefore especially proud to have received the TRAC best paper award for our work, because more than once it looked like this work will never be doable in the first place. Thanks to the many people that have helped us!

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  • Conntac - Transforming your support experience

    Conntac logo In the US in particular but increasingly also in Europe, Start-Ups are all the rage. Founding or at least working for a Start-Up has become the aim of many graduates and professionals. The - rather slim - chance of tech riches or mind-boggling office perks attracts talents from various fields but most notably with technical backgrounds.

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  • The VAVIA project is about to start!

    VAVIA logo Who does not hate to apply for funding?! But you need it to do your projects that are too big to do yourself in your spare time (which becomes less over time - in part because you have to apply for more funding). Not every project proposal goes through and if it does not, you typically curse the reviewers, regret all the hours invested in writing and researching for the proposal and question the whole funding system.

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  • Broadcast/Multicast analysis at the next IETF meeting...likely

    At the last IETF meeting in Prague, we wanted to do an analysis of broadcast/multicast traffic. This was unfortunately cancelled, but there were valid concerns of meeting participants and legal uncertainty of whether this would actually be allowed according to local law. This gave us some time to consult with lawyers who indicated this would likely not be problematic and to work on our software that performs the analysis and we believe that all previous concerns have been addressed.

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  • 3 standardization-related events in 2 weeks - Japan, here we come

    We love Internet standards. We regularly go to the IETF. Members of the HSANet group have to date co-authored 6 RFCs and have chaired a few working groups in the IETF. We always strive to build our software using Internet standards. Sometimes the right standards do not exist and it might be useful to standardize the things we have built. Standardization however is a long and weary process. Success is uncertain, the end result might look very different from what you have built and in the middle of the process your funding might run out. Also, a standard is not always something the academic community values - at least not as much as a scientific publication. A researcher therefore has to carefully think about whether it is worth the effort and doable to attempt to standardize a protocol or protocol extension.

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  • Cancelled - Broadcast protocol analysis during the 93rd IETF meeting in Prague

    A couple of days ago we have announced a small experiment that we wanted to carry out on the IETF wireless network. We wanted to analyze the broadcast and multicast data being sent. Unfortunately, this experiment had to be cancelled. The reason: it was impossible to get legal advice in time about whether the experiment would be in accordance with EU and Czech Republic data privacy law. Given that, the only sensible cause of action was to cancel the experiment. But how did it come to this?

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  • Broadcast protocol analysis during the 93rd IETF meeting in Prague

    As RFC919 notes: “The use of broadcasts, especially on high-speed local area networks, is a good base for many applications”. We would go even further saying that a number of functions are only implementable efficiently using IP broadcasts and an increasing number of application layer protocols make use of IP broadcasts.

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